The technology in the medical field has extremely blossomed over the years. Different machines are being discovered every day now. Most of the technology in the hospitals these days help the hospital run much more smoothly than it did. With the speed now a days it increases the chances of surviving from deadly disease, and it decreases the chance of deadly infections.
         Radiology is just one section in the medical field, but is a extremely good one. Imaging devices are most commonly used in hospitals now. Some on those devices are x-rays, CT scans, Ultrasounds, and MRI machines. All helping the world one step at a time by treating diseases. These machines have made it alot easier to doctors and nurses to see within the human body.Radiology its self has started to advance forward in its work. 
        Computers and Software are just a few more branches in the medical field. As of March 2009, people have developed computer software to create models in 3D to see the body clearer. The idea will help doctors and nurses to understand a persons body and if it may be at risk, or how the patient has aged. The reason why computers are used everyday in the life of a nurse is because they keep the patients records on there in a computer database. So the patients information is safely secured. 
        Another branch in the medical field is Robotics. The fastest moving section in the medical field is medical robotics. They were created to perform surgical operations like a human. The idea is great, but they all have their faults. The one bad idea about the robots taking part in surgerys is that people are getting laid off because the robots are causing it to where less humans are needed in the ER room.

The X-ray

The X-ray Machine is a very important piece of technology in the medical field.  It has allowed people to see inside the human body since 1895. The X-ray allows doctors to see straight through the tissue to diagnose broken bones, cavities, and swallowed objects with extraordinary ease. Modified X-ray procedures can be used to examine softer tissues, such as the lungs, blood vessels, or intestines.

The CT Scan

The CT scanner is used very often now. This machine replaced the X-ray. It was supposed to only take pictures of the brain, but now takes pictures of any part of the body. The scanner is purposefully used for finding bleeding in the brain, brain damage, anything to do with the brain. It can also be used for looking at internal body injuries. Is this machine dangerous? To some people, yes, but to other people no. Some people have a allergic reaction to the liquid eye that is put into the viens.


An ultrasound is a high frequency of sounnd waves to show a picture of the insides of a human body. Ultrasound images show real time movement right then in the moment. They show the internal organs, as well as the blood flowing through the  blood vessels. An ultrasound helps show these symptoms, pain, swelling, infection, and blood in the urine.  Most ultrasound scannings are usually painless. It is enexpensive and is easy to use. The machine gives a clear picture.

A MRI scanner also known as magnetic resonance imaging is a technique in radiology to show the structure of the body. The machine shows a very clear and detailed picture showing if the body structure had moved or not. A MRI scan is used if say you get in a car accident and it is there to show is there is bleeding or swelling to the brain. It is a harmless procedure that even avoids the exposure of radiation of a X-ray.

  The Inventions from the 1800’s to the present. (below here)